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Frizzy Hairstyles

Got frizzy hair? Don’t blame your hair, blame your haircut. From fine tresses to thick locks, don’t be scissor shy! If you want your hair to behave, then keep reading ‘cause the key is in the right cut. We’re sharing the perfect haircuts that will make flat strands full, define waves, and make curls bounce like they mean it. Whether you have thick, fine, straight, wavy, curly or coily locks you’ll find the best frizz fighting haircuts for your hair down below. 1. STRAIGHT & FINE: A long bob with

There are some days, no matter what products you use to tame your tresses — frizz just won’t go away. But don’t give up on fulfilling your daily #hairgoals just yet, because we’ve got a hairstyle or two that will make your frizz work for you. From straight locks to curly whirlies sometimes all it takes are a few bobby pins to take on the heat and humidity. The next time you’ve lost all hope in your battle against frizzy hair, remember this, the key to managing frizz is finding